Welcome to Dixie Hike and Style, the brainchild of Ronel Messick, a devoted lover of the great outdoors with roots in the Pacific Northwest. Ronel's journey into the heart of nature, filled with countless hours of hiking, kayaking, and immersing herself in the scenic beauty of the outdoors, has been the cornerstone of her life and the inspiration behind our brand.

Ronel's extensive experience in the Pacific Northwest has deeply influenced her understanding of the perfect blend between outdoor durability and modern style. It's this unique insight that led to the creation of Dixie Hike and Style, a brand born from a desire to offer women apparel and accessories that don't compromise functionality for fashion or vice versa.

The relocation to Saint George, Utah, marked a new chapter for Ronel and Dixie Hike and Style. Inspired by the city’s stunning landscapes and the variety of outdoor activities it offers, Ronel was motivated to transform her vision into a tangible reality. Dixie Hike and Style was thus established in Saint George, aiming to serve women who share Ronel’s passion for the outdoors and a flair for fashion.

Dixie Hike and Style is more than just a brand; it's a reflection of Ronel Messick's lifelong appreciation for nature and her commitment to integrating this love with everyday style. Our product line is carefully curated to meet the needs of the modern woman, whether she's navigating the urban jungle or exploring rugged trails. Under Ronel’s guidance, we strive to encourage women to discover the beauty and versatility of the outdoors through our collection of thoughtfully designed products.

Join us in celebrating the adventurous spirit and the stylish soul of every woman at Dixie Hike and Style.